When Life Gives You Buttermilk, Make Buttermilk Cake with Fresh Berries

April 29, 2014 | Posted by Stephanie Banyas

If you have ever made pancakes or buttermilk biscuits for breakfast or a special occasions then undoubtedly you have been left with extra buttermilk. Most recipes for pancakes and biscuits call for one or two cups of buttermilk and the smallest amount of buttermilk that you can buy, is a quart. What to do?

The next time you have a few extra cups of buttermilk sitting in your refrigerator, I suggest making a delicious Buttermilk Cake with Fresh Berries! This cake can be served for breakfast, brunch, an after school snack, or as a simple, crowd-pleasing dessert. The buttermilk makes for an incredibly moist cake with a light, airy crumb. This is a perfect dessert to bring to a bake sale or potluck, too. Enjoy!

Click here for the recipe.