How to Deseed a Pomegranate

October 22, 2018 | Posted by The B-Team

Pomegranates are a hallmark fruit of the holiday season. They look like an edible Christmas ornament -- one with an incredible inner architecture of bright, gem-toned seeds, bursting with flavor. One small problem: pomegranates can be a total pain in the you-know-what to deseed...if you don't know the trick, that is! Once you know the technique, less than a minute of work stands between you and a bowl of juicy pomegranate seeds.

Believed to have originated in Iran, pomegranates are now cultivated throughout the world and are found in cuisines ranging the globe. Touted for their wide array of health benefits and incredibly flavor, who wouldn’t want to serve them? There are a numerous tricks and techniques to break into this thick-skinned fruit, but nothing is as quick and easy -- or as stress relieving -- as this one.

You’ll need a knife, a cutting board, a wooden spoon, a big ol' bowl of water, a colander and a kitchen towel to catch any spattered juice (as it can stain your countertops).

First, trim off the little bud at the top to create a flat surface to whack with your spoon. Then cut the pomegranate in half, width-wise.

After properly admiring the pomegranate, slightly pry the sides back to loosen the seeds.

Place the bowl on top of your towel. Firmly hold the pomegranate half, cut side down, over the glass bowl. Give it several hearty whacks with the back of the spoon and the seeds will come flying out. Continue until of the seeds are out and then repeat with the remaining half.

The seeds will sink to the bottom of the water and the membrane, which is bitter and fibrous, will float to the top. Skim the pieces of membrane and the drain the seeds.

Now, what to do with your ruby beauties? Sprinkle them on braised pork tacos or over wild mushroom and butternut squash crepes, stir them into pomegranate sangria, or just eat them by the spoonful. You can't go wrong with these fruity gems.