Definitely Not Your Grand-Mere’s French Toast

February 24, 2015 | Posted by Stephanie Banyas

To me there are few things better than French toast, one of my top five comfort foods and, without a doubt, my Number 1 breakfast/brunch food. When I was thinking about recipes that I could create for this month’s comfort food theme on, I wondered how I could take my regular French toast recipe (which is anything but regular, I must admit -- using only yolks in the custard is the key!) and turn it on its ear. Or in this case, on its crust…

I thought: What if I took this humble dish of leftover bread (in France it is called pain perdue, which means “lost bread”) and turned it into a show-stopping dessert? A dessert that was so special, that you could serve it on a romantic, celebratory night or morning? (Ahem, Valentine’s Day…)

>> get the recipe and watch the video <<

In order to make it a soufflé, the custard needed to be changed slightly. Whole eggs are needed because the whites will aid in the actual rising of the soufflé and will add lightness. Cream cheese was added for body and richness, and to help stabilize. I used a French cream cheese called Neufchantal, which contains less fat but still gives that amazing texture and a slight tangy taste.

Serving this with straight maple syrup (in my opinion the eighth wonder of the world) would be lovely, but to make it a show-stopper, it needed to be elevated a bit… I achieved this by creating a Maple Citrus Beurre Blanc (or, in this case, beurre brun). Already perfect whipped becomes even more perfect with a few splashes of sparkling wine added to it -- so you can have your sparkling wine and eat it, too.

Well, all I can say is: mission achieved, YUM, and Happy Valentine’s Day!