(Apple) Dutch Baby

February 26, 2015 | Posted by The B-Team

Comfort food, by definition, is food that provides a nostalgic or sentimental feeling...very often characterized by having a high carb level and being simple to prepare. While pancakes and waffles certainly would qualify, in my house, it is all about the Dutch Baby.

>> watch the video and get the recipe <<

I've seen it called a German pancake, and even a Dutch Puff, but we simply call it Dutch Baby. It is a giant, sweet popover; it's delicious, easy and impressive all at the same time, and has become my go-to when regular eggs, oatmeal or the like just won’t do (which is often!).

If you were to ask my son what his favorite breakfast is, without pause he would say: Dutch Baby. In fact, he claims that it is like: "the best apple pie ever... but for breakfast." So what else is there to say? It's easy enough that I can make it whenever it is requested, which is exactly what comfort food is all about.

Hopefully I have inspired you to make it... It really is just that good!