Luck (and Soup and Bread) o' the Irish

March 11, 2015 | Posted by Christine Sanchez

The B-Team loves Saint Patrick's Day (Bobby is Irish, after all), mainly for the reason we love all holidays: the food! You won't find green beer or even green clothing in our office...but you will find green soup -- and some beautiful Irish brown bread to dunk in it.

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My green chile-Irish cheddar-Irish stout soup was inspired by classic Irish ingredients like cabbage (well, Brussels sprouts...but they count, right?) and Irish bacon. It's richer than what I usually make, but the flavor is right up my alley: there is heat, savoriness, brightness, and a lovely green freshness that peeks through, thanks to a dose of cilantro.

This soup is delicious on its own, but even better with some Irish brown bread on the side! My brown bread recipe is not exactly classic (I snuck some Greek yogurt and flax meal in there), but its flavors are spot on: nutty, complex, and just a touch sweet. Dunk it in your soup, or spread it with Irish butter and drizzle of honey. Either way, I bet you'll feel lucky after your first bite.

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