July's Burger of the Month at Bobby's Burger Palace

June 26, 2017 | Posted by Bobby Flay

This month at Bobby's Burger Palace, we are celebrating flavors of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Our Burger of the Month for July is named after Wyoming's beautiful capital city, and is piled high with ingredients that transport me there as soon as I take a bite. I once went to a rodeo in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and one of the things that I took away from the experience was the idea for this burger; it just seems like the perfect rodeo fare. So what's inside?

On July's Burger of the Month, you'll get a taste of the Wild West:

-Crisp bacon
-Crunchy shoestring onion rings
-Layers of smoked cheddar cheese
-My signature barbecue sauce

My BBP team and I really think you'll love it, and July will be your only opportunity to give it a taste for all of 2017! Head over to your local Bobby's Burger Palace and let me know what you think of Cheyenne. I'll see you there!