Bobby's Favorite Stuff!

December 4, 2017 | Posted by Bobby Flay

Oprah has her favorite things and Bobby, well, he has his favorite stuff and he is sharing it with everyone. If you are looking for that perfect holiday gift for that special man or woman or foodie or boss or hostess/host gift for all of those parties you will be attending, we got you covered. Check it out and Happy Holidays!


A well stocked bar needs more than top shelf liquors and mixers to turn out a hand crafted cocktail – you need the tools to match. This hand-turned wooden muddler is just the thing for integrating berries and fruit slices into a pitcher of sangria, and no Kentucky Derby day would be complete without the mint and sugar muddled mint julep. Bring a little character to mix, and leave the old kitchen spoons in the drawer. To purchase, go to:

Quin Candies
Handcrafted with real ingredients from her home town of Portland Oregon. I am obsessed with the Maple-Black Pepper Caramels, the Blackberry Gumdrops (made with real Oregon blackberries) and the Tangerine Sparkling Candy. The B-team is in love with the Dreams Come Chews! To read more about this delicious company and order some for yourself

Shark Steamer
This may not be the most obvious or glitzy of holiday gift ideas, but if you have someone on your list who is even twice as adept with an iron as I am, but still wants to look freshly pressed on the regular…oh yeah, this Shark steamer will hit it out of the ballpark. Hand me an onion and a knife and I know how to get the job done, but a wrinkled shirt and an iron? It’s not pretty. But years spent watching the professional stylists making their magic happen on the backstage of television productions have opened my eyes to the magic of steamers which get the job done with a whole lot less hassle. I particularly like this model for giving my clothes a little pick-me-up in between dry cleanings – its steam relaxes wrinkles, gets rid of any stale odors, then packs away neatly in a closet of my apartment. The dry cleaner may not thank you for this one, but they’re probably the only one.

Shark Roboto Vacuum

Do I want my apartment to always feel clean and freshly vacuumed? Yes, of course. Do I want to spend my downtime vacuuming said apartment? Not so much. Daily housekeeper? Not this guy. Instead, I like to channel my inner George Jetson and fire up the robot. ROboto vacuum does the job for me, and for a guy who hates to vacuum, this thing is magic. Its sensors navigate across bare and carpeted floors, sliding under furniture as it picks up dust, debris, and - Nacho, I’m looking at you - cat hair with zero effort on my part. That same cat also happens to find Roboto pretty amusing: win for all. I highly doubt I'm the only guy out there who doesn't put vacuuming on the top of their favorite chore list, so try the Roboto for your gift list instead.

Bushwick Kitchens

The ultimate trio for every hot sauce lover! Spicy Honey, Spicy Maple and Gochujang Sriracha all blended, bottled and shipped by hand in Brookly, NY!

Curio Spice Co
Bobby is obsessed with these spice blends and the packaging too! Delicious and creative combinations of spices for endless recipe creations. Make a beautiful host/hostess gift.

Fran's Chocolate
Fran's Gold Bar and the new Park Bar are Bobby's favorite candy bars, "bar" none. If you haven't had, you must. Fran's truffles, caramel and chocolate sauce and salted caramels are also absolutely delicious!

Yes, real men use skincare and Bobby is a real man! Face oil, hand cream, shampoo and body wash are all part of Bobby's daily cleansing routine and those products are from this amazing New York apothecary and lab featuring face, body, and hair products made with natural ingredients for Women and Men. Oh, and their candles are to die for!

Illume Candles
With scents such as Blackberry-Sage, Coconut-Mango and Pineapple-Cilantro you know that Bobby Flay is on board. Illume candles have been used in the restrooms of Bobby's restaurants for years and can also be found in his home. Candles always make great gifts.

Jacobsen's Salt Company

Jacobsen's Salts are harvested from the cold, pristine waters of Netarts Bay on the Oregon Coast and the flake and kosher varieties have both received worldwide acclaim. I used the Pinot Noir on NY Strip (delicious)...the rosemary of roasted new potatoes and black garlic on sauteed mushrooms (incredible). Again, a great host/hostess gift or just great to have in your pantry when you need a boost of herbal or garlic flavor and you don't feel like heading to the grocery store. They also have amazing honey...My kind of company.

Freckles and Honey Soaps
This product is near and dear to my heart because the company is owned by one of my favorite people in the world and one of the best make-up artists in the entertainment industry, Dahlia Warner. A few years ago she became passionate about soap making and decided to open Freckles and Honey where she creates some of the best smelling soaps around. Hand made by Dahlia herself, using all natural ingredients with "flavors" such as Sweet Fennel with Orange and Vanilla Bean and Lemon-Basil with Sea Salt the hardest part is trying decide which to order. My personal favorites are Naked Oats, Brown Sugar with Clove and Orange, Peppermint and Matcha and of course Lime-Cilantro (I mean, duh)...Beautifully presented in a gift box for an extra $5 this makes a really special gift for both men and women.

Schmackary's Cookies
Small town guy makes BIG cookies in New York City. Brownies, bars, krispie treats available to. Delicious!