ABC Kitchen: A Stop in Our Vegetable Quest

May 27, 2014 | Posted by The B-Team

Bobby recently sent us to ABC Kitchen – it’s a place he loves and he wanted us to try some of the vegetable dishes there (it's vegetable month here on, you know).

The menu has a great selection - each sounding more delicious and inspiring than the next. We nibbled on ramp and goat cheese toast and roasted beets with a scrumptious house made yogurt.

ramp and goat cheese toast

Next it was a salad of roasted carrots and avocado with crunchy seeds and citrus and another salad of sugar snap peas with parmesan and herbs.

sugar snap pea salad with parmesan dressing and herbs

Some glazed mushrooms with chilies and herbs, completed our meal. With flavors and textures complementing each other, the meal managed to be 100% deliciously light, bright, crunchy and fresh and satisfying.

glazed mushrooms, chiles and herbs

Oh, there is a lovely rhubarb cocktail on the menu as well for those of you who like to drink some vegetables, too.

It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

ABC Kitchen
35 East 18 Street
NYC 10003