Two Ferry Building Favorites

May 29, 2014 | Posted by Charlotte March

In honor of Vegetables Month on, West Coast B-Team member Charlotte March shares two of her favorite spots for veggies - both located in San Francisco's Ferry Building Marketplace.


Far West Fungi is a funky shop nestled in the San Francisco Ferry Plaza where one can browse through an assortment of all things mushroom, offering as many as forty-two different varieties of fresh and dried mushrooms. Who even knew there are that many varieties? If you are looking for truffles, mushroom pate, or those meaty morels, this is your spot.

One of the most fascinating things they sell is a “mini-mushroom farm” or basically a grow-your-own mushroom kit. They are truly fascinating – I can’t decide if I want to eat it or display it my living room under a glass cloche.


Bouli Bar, from the team behind Boulette’s Larder, is a newish restaurant in San Francisco, espousing that omnipresent farm-to-table ideology. That being said, their Vegetarian Farmhouse Lunch is reflective of a truly exotic farm.

This is not your average lunch plate special - it’s a gorgeously composed plate of black quinoa with lentils (because this is California and it’s the law that you consume raw kale or quinoa daily), the most tender and meltingly delicious braised arrowhead cabbage, an earthy and piquant Turkish tomato paste, a perfectly oozy soft-boiled egg, all crowned with a healthy serving of lightly dressed mache. The flavors and textures were the perfect complement to one another and so well balanced.

It was almost enough to make me consider being a vegetarian, for lunch that is.