Help Me, Hello Vino!

June 6, 2014 | Posted by Elyse Tirrell

I would say it's common to feel overwhelmed when you find yourself in a wine store, surrounded by hundreds of different bottles, with a mission to find a great wine to serve to your family and friends. No need to play it safe or blindly choose a bottle any longer...

I found a smartphone application that will not only help you decide which wine will be perfect for the meal that you're serving, but it will also teach you a ton about different wines - from the grapes to their flavor profiles. For those of you who love to drink wine but don't feel completely confident when it comes to pairing it with meals or choosing a bottle for a special occasion, should download Hello Vino. The app will help point you towards a great wine to complement a specific food, occasion, or just your taste preference.

By the way - even those who dedicate their careers to studying wine regions and varietals don't know it all. There's just so much information to be learned about wine! Let Hello Vino be your guide.

Another cool feature of Hello Vino, is its ability to scan wine labels right in the store to get even more information about each bottle you may be interested in. It's beyond cool and convenient!

Watch my video to learn more, and then go download this FREE app - available for iPhone and Android too. Cheers to that.