Mustard Round Up: Favorites from East to West

June 9, 2014 | Posted by Charlotte March

Pardon me, can you please pass the Grey Poupon, French’s, Maille, and Beaver Sweet Hot?

Mustard is one of the more sophisticated burger condiments – some of these mustard companies date back to the 1700’s. It’s timeless and universal, equally at home on a rack of lamb or an Oscar Meyer wiener. I love the pungent flavors, and while my refrigerator is embarrassingly bare at times, I always have at least 2 or 3 mustards kicking around in there because it’s great not just on burgers, or sandwiches but also in vinaigrettes, pan sauces, glazes, marinades and so forth. Furthermore, who doesn’t love a condiment made with beer or wine? Here are few of my favorites:

The Classic: French’s Classic Yellow Mustard. The name says it – bursting with a bright tang this mustard is destined for a burger near you.

Serious Kick: Grey Poupon. I wrestled as to whether this one should show up in The Classic category but its sinus-clearing heat swayed me otherwise. Grey Poupon is easily the best Dijon mustard out there and the white wine adds a touch of class.

Great and Grainy: Maille Old Style Whole Grain Dijon. Crisp and powerful flavor with mustard grains that actually burst in your mouth. Bobby likes to blend equal parts grainy Dijon, regular Dijon and a little honey to spread on sandwiches and burgers alike.

West Coast Favorite: Beaver Foods Sweet Hot Mustard has been making this world-class mustard just outside of Portland, Oregon for nearly 80 years. The sweetness is not just from the honey; they also add white balsamic vinegar. The creamy, not gooey texture is so much better than other honey mustards on the market.