In-N-Out Burger: The Secret Menu

June 23, 2014 | Posted by Charlotte March

There are some secrets better left unknown but the “secret menu” at In-N-Out Burger is NOT one of them; therein lies one of the best burgers west of the Mississippi (BBP aside, of course).

This menu used be a source of much speculation but now, part of it at least, is posted on the In-N-Out website taking a little fun out of impressing your fellow diners with your in-the-know lingo like “Animal Style” or “4-by-4”.

I will always, and forever be, a devotee of the Animal Style burger, which is basically a regular cheeseburger but with extra sauce, pickles, grilled onions and a mustard griddled patty. There are other secret items like a grilled cheese (think cheeseburger minus the burger and lettuce), extra crispy fries or “fries well done”, and ice cream treats like a root beer float or a “black and white” which is a chocolate and vanilla milk shake.

My husband and I recently took a trip to the In-N-Out in Daly City just a few minutes south of San Francisco. We ordered a ridiculous amount of food but it was all in the name of investigative journalism. The hardest part was remembering all the terms and I am pretty sure that I tried to order a Well Done Animal at one point. Thankfully the cashier was very kind and indulged my blundering. Next time, I must write it down on the inside of my palm so I don’t blow my cover.

This neon sign is at every In-N-Out and it speaks the truth! None of the products are ever frozen or pre-packaged. You can actually see the fries being cut and fried.

Every single person behind the counter is in motion - they are putting the fast in fast-food!

Secrets: Animal Style (with cheese), Protien Style (no bun, wrapped in lettuce), The 4X4, another Animal Style, Original with Cheese and Grilled Onions, Fries Animal Style

Going in for the kill! This Animal Style never stood a chance.

In the immortal words of Willie Nelson, "Turn out the lights, the party's over"