A Tie of Two Cities

June 13, 2014 | Posted by The B-Team

OK it's burger month here at bobbyflay.com so let's talk burgers! What's MY favorite BBP burger? I have to admit, I go back and forth between two: sometimes it's the Dallas.....

I mean, what's better than a little extra kick from a spice rub and Bobby's delicious barbecue sauce which helps carry the spice flavor throughout, some flavor-packed coleslaw and pickles? It's the perfect combination, super juicy and I love the crunch from the cabbage. However.... I also love (and crave) the spicy stuff and equally adore the Philly burger, which satisfies my obsession for heat with those hot peppers, which are completely addicting as far as I'm concerned. The oozy cheese keeps it all in check, tempering the heat enough so my mouth tingles just the right amount. It is the most craveable burger, ever! Bottom line is it is practically impossible for me to pick one true favorite, so I cast my burger vote as tied and that is that.