A Very Berry Milkshake

June 22, 2015 | Posted by Stephanie Banyas

Farmers market tables are loaded with berries (at last). And what better thing to do with them than mix them into some ice cream?! When Bobby and I were testing milkshake recipes for Bobby’s Burger Palace many years ago, I learned some interesting things about fruit milkshakes, especially fresh berry milkshakes.

Berries are very expensive. Berries are extremely perishable. Berries are inconsistent in taste (ripeness) and texture (watery). All these things present a problem when trying to create a thick, flavorful milkshake. We needed to find a way to use fresh fruit and still produce a thick and flavorful milkshake every single time.

We found a company on Long Island that produces fresh fruit purees. The purees are thick and jam-like in texture and add incredible fresh fruit flavor without compromising the thickness of the shake. The recipe from the company that produces the purees for us is top secret, of course, but I have developed something very close to make at home.

In addition to a wonderful fresh fruit flavor, these fruit bases will also keep in the refrigerator or freezer for a good amount of time (unlike fresh berries, which tend to go bad in a few days). Just add a ¼ cup or so to vanilla, chocolate or your favorite ice cream flavor for an intensely delicious, fruity milkshake.

Get the recipe & check out the video here for more information!