Where There's Smoke, There's S'mores

July 16, 2014 | Posted by Charlotte March

This month the B-Team is featuring all things grilled, whether it’s your backyard BBQ, park side picnic, or costal campsite. And where there's smoke there's s'mores!

I did my research and found there is a preponderance of San Francisco locales with riffs on this flame-broiled delight, ranging from a darling, diminutive, carafe of rich chocolate pudding topped with marshmallow cream, to a plate piled high with fried flour tortilla strips liberally sprinkled with mini-marshmallows and chocolate chips. This phenomenon clearly begged further investigation. The lineup was vast, as is my waistline; so I whittled the list down to a very modest three.

Dandelion Chocolate was my first stop. The café/retail shop is also home to the factory where beans are transformed into bars and other chocolate-centric beverages and treats. The chocolate they produce is truly a labor of love. They work directly with with the farmers to source the beans, hand select, roast up to 16 times and ultimately wrap the bars in an golden foil made exculsively for them. As you can imagine, their version of a s’more is decidedly upgraded with a home-made graham cracker base upon which a marshmallow square and a generous chunck of dark chocolate sits. This confection is topped with a few grains of sea salt and then torched to order. The drama of the presentation is only eclipsed by how insanely delicious it is.

Knead Patisserie serves up a somewhat deconstructed version with a pot de crème style dark chocolate pudding, topped with bruléed marshmallow and a side of graham crackers. The presentation is charming and results oh-so-tasty.

Next stop was Do S’more. It’s like the Tom’s Shoes of sweet treats – not in the sense that they donate s’mores to the hungry BUT they donate 20% of their profits to a rotating list of non-profit organizations. The result s a total win-win. Do S’mores are available online and a list of spots throughout the Bay Area.

If you are looking to make your very own s'mores a campfire is ideal but here's a pretty awesome recipe courtesy of Chef Flay.