Shop for Groceries Like a Pro

August 20, 2014 | Posted by Elyse Tirrell

A huge part of my job as Bobby's personal assistant is to help maximize his time. He's a busy man with a work ethic that's both infectious and inspiring. As one might imagine, Bobby’s life revolves around food and when he isn’t cooking in his restaurants, he can be found cooking in our office test kitchen creating recipes for his television shows or upcoming cookbooks. So, it's not unusual to find me loading up a cart at the grocery store. Recently, I discovered a very helpful app that has made me the speediest grocery shopper in Manhattan...

First of all, having a smart phone is SUCH a helpful tool for my job. I'm almost always on the go, and thankfully I have the ability to multitask and get so much more done with constant access to the Internet and by using apps that promote productivity. AnyList is of those apps, and is now my grocery shopping buddy!

With AnyList, I can create shopping lists and share them with Bobby and the rest of The B-Team. As items are added, they're instantly organized by the section of the grocery store where I'll find them. I'd recommend it to anyone - especially those shopping with their family or roommates. Split up and take on the store (or multiple stores) as a team! Last minute changes or additions to the list show up instantly for everyone who you share it with and items can be crossed off easily as they're found.

Click here to watch my video and see AnyList in action!

Download this app (for free!) in the App Store. It's available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod.