A Tale of Two Fish Tacos

October 20, 2014 | Posted by The B-Team

The B-Team LOVES fish tacos! But we debate the age-old question: to fry, or not to fry? After developing two recipes, we have our answer...

...Stephanie's beer-battered halibut and Christine's pan-roasted red chile halibut are so good that you need to try both!

>> watch the video <<

Christine says: Fish tacos can be downright delectable when made right. A gorgeous, fresh piece of fish with a hint of citrus and a bite of spice; crunchy, vibrant and bright notes from a salsa; a great guacamole as a counterpoint to the heat; all wrapped up in a fresh , fragrant corn tortilla is my idea of fish taco perfection. However, it is not everyone's idea... My fellow B-Teamer, Stephanie sees it differently!

Stephanie says: I have never met a fried food that I didn’t love: corndogs, French fries, donuts, even fried Snickers bars! So, it will come as no surprise to anyone that knows me that if given a choice between a fried fish taco and a taco where the fish has been grilled or griddled or pan roasted, I am choosing the fried Baja-style version every time!

What’s not to love? Strips of light and airy beer battered fish fried to golden perfection, nestled in warm tortilla, and topped with sweet and tangy avocado sauce, just a drizzle of a spicy red sauce and crunchy red cabbage? YUM!