Pressed to Find a Better Way to Braise?

October 31, 2014 | Posted by Christine Sanchez

There is something so completely over-the-top delicious about a braised pork taco. The meltingly tender meat partners perfectly with spicy, bright salsas and crunchy slaws, tangy pickles and yes, a crumble of cheese sometimes for good measure. Do I have you craving some?

Braising, however, takes some time -- and sometimes time is just not on one’s side [cue the music]. That is when your new best friend the pressure cooker can make all your dreams come true in 30 minutes or less (seriously).

Pressure cookers can be intimidating if you have never used one before, but the models of today are simple and virtually foolproof. My biggest piece of advice? Take a minute (or five) to read the accompanying instruction booklet before you begin.

If you are like the B-team (or Bobby, for that matter), you will quickly become a pressure cooker convert. It is the true Iron Chef way, after all. Whether for braised pork carnitas, short ribs or brisket, chicken stew, risotto, a pot of heirloom beans or simply a my kid is sick and I need homemade chicken soup STAT situation, the pressure cooker's got you covered -- literally [insert bad laugh track here].

If you are craving some braised pork tacos right about now, check out this recipe for pressure cooker braised pork tacos with pickled onions, jicama cabbage slaw and pineapple salsa. It's lip-smackingly delicious (Bobby made it for the Tacos & Tequila event last year at the NYCWFF), filled with lots of complex heat and sweet, crunchy counterpoints -- and easy too. With the pressure cooker method we made it happen in under an hour, including a quick run to the corner to pick up some pork shoulder!