Thanksgiving Essentials, Tools Edition

November 4, 2018 | Posted by The B-Team

The biggest food holiday of the year is only a few weeks away. Are you ready?!? The B-Team has compiled our recipes (stay tuned all month!), along with a list of our favorite kitchen tools to make the big day a whole lot easier. Sure, we could live without some of these gadgets...but we'd rather not!

Image (clockwise from top left): Kuchenprofi gravy strainer, Wusthof carving knife, Bobby Flay for Kohl's Pamplona serving bowl, Bobby Flay for Kohl's wood utensil set, Bobby Flay for Kohl's locking tongs, All-Clad roasting pan, Bobby Flay for Kohl's Pamplona platter, All-Clad roast lifters, Bobby Flay for Kohl's round baker, John Boos cutting board, Kuchenprofi twine dispenser, Rösle thermometer, Bobby Flay for Kohl's striped oven mitt, Bobby Flay for Kohl's Corsica tablecloth and napkins

Roaster with the Most(er)
This is the biggest splurge of our list -- and it's very worth it. The All-Clad Stainless Steel Roaster with Roasting Rack ($130 - $160) is our favorite roasting pan, hands down. It can be used throughout the year to roast meat, fish and potatoes, make pan sauces, or serve as a water bath for baked custards. This rectangular roaster is made of heavy-gauge solid stainless steel for easy cleaning, with an aluminum core that evenly distributes heat. And it comes with a nonstick (aka easy to clean!) roasting rack. It's a tried and true winner.

Get a Read on It
Even an Iron Chef can't tell the exact internal temperature of a turkey just by touch. Our favorite way to get a quick read is the Rösle digital instant-read thermometer ($45). We've used it in our test kitchen for years, and it has never let us down! A turkey tip: The B-Team recommends taking your bird out at 155 degrees and letting it sit, loosely tented, for at least 30 minutes. The carry-over cooking will increase the internal temperature of the bird from 10 to 15 degrees.


Baste It, Don't Waste It
Basting a turkey is a pretty important part of the cooking process -- but finding a baster that actually holds the pan drippings and stock (and doesn’t shoot them back out at you/all over the oven) is almost impossible -- until now! We're loving the Tovolo Dripless Baster ($10), with an angled tip for even basting and an internal mechanism that draws juice easily without dripping.

Get it Covered
A sturdy covered baking dish is a workhorse of our kitchen, on Thanksgiving and beyond. We use this Bobby Flay™ 3-qt. Round Baker in our oven -- and it's perfect for keeping potatoes warm after they're mashed.

cutting board

Chop Shop
John Boos boards are the Cadillacs of cutting boards, made in the USA from sustainably harvested North American hard rock maple. It's hard to beat the beauty and durability of these boards. Bobby has been using them for over 15 years on his shows, in his home and in his test kitchen. The Deep-Groove Board with Pour Spout ($100) has extra-deep wells to catch flavorful juices and a spout to simplify pouring the juices into a saucepan or bowl. A grip around the perimeter makes the board easy to lift and carry. Flip the board over and the flat side doubles as a cheeseboard or a beautiful canvas for appetizers.

Stir Stars
One thing we've learned from years of cooking Thanksgiving feasts: you always need more utensils than you think you do. Stock up with this three-piece wooden utensil set ($18), perfect for stirring, sautéing and scooping, and these strong but gentle 9-inch locking tongs ($12).

All Strain, No Pain
Greasy gravy, be gone! Don't waste time trying to skim off every ounce of fat with your ladle; buy one of these, instead. If you want perfectly flavorful, not-too-greasy gravy, then a fat separator (aka gravy strainer) is the way to go. We're fans of the sleek and ingenious Kuchenprofi gravy strainer ($35), which features a spout at its base for pouring off all of the flavorful juice, and none of the fat.

Stay Sharp
You roasted the perfect don't go and ruin it by using a dull knife that shreds it to pieces! Sharp knives are one of the most important pieces of equipment in our kitchen. For carving turkeys and slicing roasts, we love the Wushtof Classic 9-inch carving knife ($120).

The Perfect Plate
A gorgeous turkey needs an equally stunning serving platter. We're smitten with the new Bobby Flay™Pamplona Platter in white ($28) from Bobby's Kohl's line. We'll be serving our mashed potatoes in the matching bowl ($28).

Lift and Separate!
Sure, these All-Clad Professional Roast Lifters ($35) aren't essential, but they're certainly nice to have if you serve lots of turkey, roast chickens and roasts throughout the year. The slightly curved, pointed prongs easily lift and turn roasts and poultry for easy transfers from pan to cutting board (they also double as carving forks).

Divine Twine
We go through loads of twine in the B-Team kitchen -- and we can never remember where we stored it last! No need to wonder anymore with this Kuchenprofi stainless steel twine dispenser that's sleek enough to keep on the counter at all times.

No Gloves, No Love
No one wants Thanksgiving battle scars. As we're grabbing roasting pans, baking sheets from the oven, we keep our hands pristine with Bobby Flay™ Stripe Oven Mitts ($14).