Turkey Leftovers, B-Team-Style: Posole

November 22, 2016 | Posted by Sally Jackson

Leftovers might just be the best part of Thanksgiving dinner. Once the food coma has lifted and the those words “I’ll never eat again!” are long forgotten, a secret trip to the fridge for just one more serving of poached pears, or just a teeny sliver of gratin is always in order. And Bobby’s favorite Thanksgiving sandwich (see below)? It's enough to send you into a sweet tryptophan oblivion.

But as good as your meal was, you don't necessarily want to be eating it for a week straight. So what to do with all of that turkey? Enter turkey posole: this satisfying soup is a spin on one of Mesa Grill's Southwestern menu staples, packed with flavor from earthy porcini mushrooms, the fruity spice of ancho chiles, and chewy hominy. It's a delicious departure from the Thanksgiving leftover norm, and anything but predictable.

...Not that there's anything wrong with predictable! If you want to keep things classic, here's how to approach your leftover snacking, Bobby-style. Between two slices of good quality whole grain bread, he reassembles some key Thanksgiving components: slices of turkey (of course), a couple spoonfuls of dressing (or stuffing, if you cooked it inside the bird), a generous of spread of cranberry sauce inside one slice of bread, and a slather of mayonnaise inside the other slice. Before closing it up, he always seasons with salt and pepper, and sometimes throws in a couple lettuce leaves for a fresh crunch. Happy Thanksgiving, and bon appetit!