What is The B-Team? We're Bobby's indispensable (he said it, not us!) assistants, working with him on books, recipes, TV shows, racehorses, product development, travel plans, and everything in between. We're constantly cooking, eating, traveling and eating some more. Read all about it!

The senior member of The B-Team, Stephanie Banyas has been Bobby’s business assistant since 1997. A fellow graduate of the French Culinary Institute, Stephanie is a recipe-writer extraordinaire and a bona-fide Super Taster. Stephanie has co-authored Bobby’s nine most recent cookbooks and is hard at work on number ten, the upcoming Bobby Flay Home. She has also authored Treat: 50 Recipes For No-Bake Marshmallow Treats and 150-Calorie Cocktails: All-Natural Drinks and Snacks. Stephanie, familiar to Throwdown fans as one of Bobby’s wise-cracking sidekicks, divides her time between her NYC apartment and her weekend getaway near Woodstock in upstate New York, where she can bake to her heart’s content with her cats Fred and Daisy by her side.

Sally Jackson joined The B-Team in 2001, when she moved to NYC after graduating from Connecticut College with the ever-useful degree in English and Theater. After a stint as a hostess at Bolo (and a member of the theater company Eastcheap Rep), Sally moved into Bobby’s and Stephanie’s office, where she now spends much of her time managing the mountains of paperwork that accompany the mares, foals, stallions and racehorses that make up B. Flay Thoroughbreds. Her English degree does still come into play, as Sally has also contributed to eight of Bobby’s cookbooks, including the upcoming Bobby Flay Fit. Sally lives in NYC with her husband, 7 year old son, and 4 year old daughter.

After a successful tour of Japan as a singer and actor, Elyse Tirrell began her Bobby Flay career as a hostess at Bar Americain in late 2008, and officially became a B-Team member in early 2012. She joined the team in a Personal Assistant role, wearing many hats - as the master scheduler, maintaining Bobby’s ever-changing calendar, as a concierge, making reservations and hunting down elusive ingredients, and making sure Bobby was always caffeinated. She's recently taken on an exciting ole as Bobby's Director of Digital Content and brings the online presense of Bobby's restaurant empire alive. She's always on the go, capturing and editing new content, including behind-the-scenes glances into Bobby's world. Elyse lives in NYC with her fiancé and her two cats, Bugsy and Dexter.

Meet Bobby's Culinary Director:

Renee Forsberg is the Culinary Director for all of Bobby’s full service restaurants including Mesa Grill, Bobby Flay Steak, Gato and Shark, and has been under his employ since 2002.
Renee caught Mr. Flay’s eye for potential talent just days after she started working at the three-star Spanish restaurant Bolo. As a brand new cook in the garde mange station, Bobby recalls seeing “something special” in Renee’s focus and work ethic even though her culinary experience at the time was limited.
Excited by his new prospect, Mr. Flay offered her an opportunity to move to Las Vegas as part of the opening team. Renee accepted the challenge and was readily moved to Mesa Grill in New York to learn its cuisine packed with fresh and dried Chile peppers and corn in every iteration. Renee was next part of the opening management in the kitchen at Mesa Grill Las Vegas which now has 15 years under it’s belt.
After a few years as the lead Sous chef at Mesa Grill, Mr. Flay tapped Renee to take on a much larger and overall position as Director of Culinary for his restaurants. Although, it's no longer under her watchful eye, Renee also helped launch Bobby’s Burger Palace in 2008, a slew of casual restaurants in the Flay portfolio.
Mrs. Forsberg is from Montauk, NY on the tip of Long Island. She now lives in upstate New York with her son Noah, her fire-fighter husband Rob and her two cats Parsley and Rosemary. In her spare time she’s never seen a dance floor she’s doesn’t like.