Pineau Jolie Cocktail

February 10, 2015
Drinks, B-Team Recipes

This ruby-hued cocktail features Pineau de Charentes, a French aperitif wine that’s wonderful in cocktails and sipped (chilled) on its own. Jolie means pretty in French...and this cocktail is certainly that!

Makes 1 cocktail

1 ounce chilled Pineau de Charentes
¾ ounce St. Germain liqueur
½ ounce cold blood orange juice, freshly squeezed if possible
Chilled Champagne to fill
Blood orange twist

In a mixing glass, stir together the Pineau de Charentes, St. Germain and blood orange juice. Pour into a cocktail coupe or Champagne flute, and top with chilled champagne. Garnish with a blood orange twist.