How to Grill a Perfect Steak, part 1

July 25, 2014 | Posted by Christine Sanchez
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If you are a meat eater (count me in!) I am pretty sure you have had a moment where you just craved a great steak. Being able to grill one properly (outside means no smoke alarms) is one of the advantages this time of year offers us.

Believe it or not, grilling a great steak is not difficult, and does not have to be left solely to the pros. Follow a few simple tips and techniques and you will be on your way to grilling the most excellent and craveable steak ever.

Check out these quick videos outlined below and you are on your way to pure steak bliss!
· Video 1 (this one): Knowing your beef: What to ask for and what to look for makes all the difference.
· Video 2: Getting the facts: Understanding proper grilling techniques.
· Video 3: Testing for doneness: Using a meat thermometer or finger touch method. Resting and carry-over cooking.
· Video 4: Adding flavor: Taking your steak to new heights of delicious.