Your New Favorite Breakfast: Farro Porridge

September 27, 2014 | Posted by Sally Jackson
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Perhaps even more than our yogurt bowls (hello chia! ), my family LOVES oatmeal. Warm, filling, and an inherently cozy way to start the day, hot cereal is where it’s at. Rolled or steel cut, oats are what I turn to most mornings. Or they used to be, because there’s a new (ancient) grain in town.

Bobby and the B-Team are fans of the Belgian chain of boulangeries Le Pain Quotidien because of their steamy bowls of café au lait, delicious baked goods, healthy lunchtime tartines, and for me, because of their cold weather special Harvest Porridge.

It’s a fabulous hot bowl of maple sweetened farro cooked in almond milk and served with dried cranberries and nuts. The nutty almond milk plays off the nuttiness of the farro, and when cooked the farro has just the right play between chewy and creamy - it’s just delicious and I had to recreate it for my family.

Now, I flat-out loved it, and my husband hinted at thirds, but my son balked at the first offering. Like a lot of kids, there can be learning curve with new additions to the menu. One way I have found to combat the picky toddler protestations is to get him involved in the cooking process. He’s a lot more receptive to eating something new if he made it himself. So the next time I made it (and of course there was a next, and a next, and I can’t wait for another cool morning to make it again!), I put out a toppings bar of sorts with a few small dishes of different chopped nuts, toasted flakes of sweet coconut and dried fruit. A pinch of almonds, a few apricots, some dried cherries and a whole lot of coconut later, the boy was ready to dig into his creation. Success. That said, the original recipe calls for cooking the dried fruit along with the farro, which softens it and creates a more cohesive dish. That's what we call for in our recipe, too but if you have picky eaters, I highly reccomend the method - and the dish!

Also good to note, I have been known to make this porridge the night before I plan to serve it when I actually have 35 minutes to simmer something; it reheats really well in a pan with a slash of additional almond milk or even water to loosen things up. Seriously, 5 minutes will do it, which, on some mornings, is all I have before the preschool and office dash!

Click here for the recipe.