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Designing Amalfi

This Spring, 2021, Bobby is bringing an all-new restaurant concept to life at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas called Amalfi. As with all of his restaurants, the development and bringing-to-life of the menu, space and dining experience for all of its future guests is a true labor of love, and is based on the beautiful ingredients and overall feelings evoked by the 50 kilometer stretch of southern Italian coastline in the Campania region that it’s named after. Not only will the menu draw inspiration from this coastal Italian paradise, but so will every last detail in the design of the space. Bobby teamed up with Olivia Jane Design to make it a reality.

Olivia worked with Bobby to create a dynamic space that evokes the feelings and nuances of Amalfi based on his passion for the food and his extensive travel there. It won’t be an exact replica of the Amalfi Coast – but, Olivia explains, “subtle details, patterns of the fabrics, and textures of the finishes allude to the feeling of dining al fresco after a long day in the sun with friends.”

Here’s what to expect when you visit… Imagine this: a series of arches separate guests from the business and activity of the casino floor. The glowing beacon that is the back bar entices passing guests.

There are 4 unique dining experiences within the space.:

1 The Bar / Lounge

The massive 50ft long bar will accommodate up to 30 guests. In Olivia’s words, “It features a vibrant, glowing bar that casts a warm “golden hour” glow onto the lounge and guests seated there. Striped fabric is a nod to the swarms of umbrellas and chairs sprawled across the beaches on the Amalfi Coast.”

Design features that you’ll notice: a colorful limestone mosaic floor, teak wood beams above, rough plaster

2 The Grille Room

This room offers guests an intimate look into the action of the bustling kitchen, cladded in an antiqued bronze & topped with a feature wine display – evoking the vertical landscape of the coast and the cafes terraced along the cliffs on the Amalfi Coast. Displays feature hundreds of bottles of wine from various regions throughout Italy.

Design features that you’ll notice: antique brass cladding at kitchen/wine display, heavily textured limestone walls, rough plaster

3 The Market Room

Olivia shared, “The market room evokes the feeling of dining al fresco in a café along a side street.” Guests in the market room have an up close and personal view of the spectacular fresh seafood display, featuring bright blue tiled basins featuring fresh fish and shellfish from across the world.

Design features that you’ll notice: rustic tiled floor, string lights hanging above the large white wood beams, rough plaster

4 The Private Dining Room

This room is perfect for large parties or events and is also well-suited for overflow dining. The private dining space offers guests a behind the scenes view of the fishmonger at work. “Guests are immersed in a larger than life mural, in the spirit of the hand painted plates Italy is famous for.”

Design features that you’ll notice: wood floor, whitewashed wood beams overhead, glowing chandeliers throughout + an incredible massive curved wood sliding door that offers more privacy when necessary