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Catching Up with Nacho Flay

Bobby’s orange, fluffy, feline son, Nacho, has been busy cooking up big things these past few months – both as founder of Made by Nacho and personally. October in particular was a milestone month. He celebrated his 7th birthday, donated more than 180,000 meals to cats in need all over the US, appeared on CNBC, AND launched new delicious wet recipes. Keep scrolling to read the highlights below and for an exclusive Q&A with Nacho.

To celebrate Nacho’s seventh birthday on October 3rd, Made by Nacho donated over 180,000 meals to animal welfare organizations all across the U.S. — from New York and Las Vegas to California and everywhere in between.

Stray, homeless and/or abandoned cats and kittens enjoyed Made by Nacho’s wet and dry recipes. Check out photos below from some of the amazing organizations — the Cat House on the Kings, Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary, Fido Food Bank and Doodle’s Ranch and Sanctuary — that fed Made by Nacho to cats in need.

In other big news, Made by Nacho also launched new wet recipes in October! Nacho listened to feedback from cats everywhere and brought new textures like Minced, Shredded and Diced and flavors including Turkey and Tuna and Cod into the mix.

Made by Nacho’s Minced recipes feature the same delicious Cuts in Gravy recipes in a smaller, minced form and the Shredded and Diced recipes are limited ingredient and grain-free! All recipes feature Nacho’s secret ingredient: irresistibly hydrating bone broth. Check out and shop the full line up of wet food by clicking here.

Bobby and Nacho also joined CNBC’s “The Exchange” live on National Cat Day, October 21, to discuss their experience in the cat food world thus far. If you missed it, you can watch by clicking right here.

We sat down with Nacho Flay himself to talk about his life as a successful business cat and beyond.:

QUESTION: How has life changed since you launched Made By Nacho, cat-crafted cat food?

NACHO FLAY: Of course some of my days are busier than they used to be… with recipe testing, team Zoom meetings and of course all of my media interviews, but it’s all been so fun and rewarding. I’m especially proud of all that we’ve done and continue to do to help feed stray and homeless cats. We also strive to create awareness that will hopefully help these kitties find their forever homes and families. Ultimately, I make it a priority to stay grounded, find time to decompress/cat nap and live like any normal indoor cat.

Q: What do you do with your downtime?

NF: I love hanging with with dad and my sister, Stella. Stella and I are always where the action is. That’s usually in the kitchen watching dad cook… or on the window sill looking for birds.

Q: How do the Made By Nacho recipes get developed and which are your favorites?

NF: With input from food experts like my dad, and feline-health experts like my life-long vet, Dr. Katja Lang… plus an army of kitty-taste-testers that I call #NachosCatPack… we work with the very best ingredients to create delicious cat-crafted and cat-approved recipes that contain everything my fellow felines need to stay healthy from the inside out. Current favorites include the Cage-free Chicken Cuts in Gravy… the Sustainably-caught Minced Salmon in bone broth… the freeze-dried Ahi Tuna treats. Yum.

Q: Cardboard Box or Kitchen Counter?

NF: Impossible to choose! Ideally, the cardboard box is ON the kitchen counter (and I’m inside)! Two of my favorite places to lounge…