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Made by Nacho Launches Bone Broth Toppers

In case you missed it, Bobby’s cat, Nacho, has big news for all of your feline friends… Team Nacho has been busy in the test kitchen to fulfill one of your biggest requests: Bone Broth for cats. Bone broth, as you may know, has been a key ingredient in all Made by Nacho recipes since day one. NOW we’re offering it in individual (adorable) containers. Pour it over your cat’s favorite kibble or wet food, or serve it on its own for a protein-infused, super hydrating anytime-snack.


When it comes to the Flay household, Nacho loves the Chicken Bone Broth (he’s always partial to poultry). Stella cannot get enough of the Beef variety. As a cat parent, Bobby feels so good seeing these two enjoy something that also has so many health benefits! What will be your favorite flavor, #CatPack? Tap here to browse & shop the Made by Nacho Bone Broth.