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Rosé Campari Punch

This summer is the summer of the comeback. After an unimaginable year-and-change of negativity and isolation, group gatherings are finally (safely) coming back across the country, and we’re eager to reconnect with friends and family. Punch Bowls are also making a comeback and we’re so excited to jump onto that bandwagon. There’s no better way to serve summer beverages to your nearest and dearest than by making the ultimate batch cocktail: Punch! We’re mixing one up with some of Bobby’s all-time-favorite ingredients.

Serves 12

– 1 bottle dry rosé wine, such as Whispering Angel

– ½ cup Campari

– 1 cup Lillet fortified wine

– 3 cups tangerine juice

– ½ cup lemon juice

– Ice

– 1 cup strawberries, sliced

– 1 lemon, thinly sliced into wheels

– 1 cup raspberries

– 6 apricots, sliced

– 33.8 ounce bottle of seltzer

– Mint sprigs, optional

1. Combine the rosé, Campari, Lillet, tangerine juice and lemon juice in a punch bowl.

2. Add plenty of ice, add the fruit and stir until combined.

3. Top off the punch with seltzer and garnish with mint, if desired.