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My cookbooks are an expression of what I’m inspired by in that moment of my life. Putting my thoughts, approaches in the kitchen and of course recipes down on published paper makes it feel indelible and important.

Sometimes the influence is straight from a restaurant like the Mesa Grill Cookbook or Bar Americain or direct from a show that’s moved the needle in my career such as Throwdown and the most recent Beat Bobby Flay Cookbook. Often, it comes from a passion that captures my focus and imagination for a single subject like healthier cooking in Grilling for Life and Bobby Flay Fit, or cooking for the people I love most, my friends or family in Bobby at Home. With my current Italian obsession I’d make a future wager in Vegas that there will be a book with an eye towards that amazing country. I just need to make a few dozen more trips there before that happens… you know…. for inspiration…

Bobby is a New York Times best-selling author of 16 cookbooks, with number 17 currently in the works!