Food is the center of my universe

First and foremost, my most comfortable place is in my kitchens—at my restaurants or at home. The apron I tie on is inevitably battle-stained with remnants of my creations—both the good and the works in progress. That apron (my shield from the tough moments of the world) reminds me that I’m not afraid to fail as long as I make every effort to succeed.


Always Hungry Podcast with iHeartRadio

My daughter Sophie and I have a brand new podcast with new episodes every Tuesday.


Misfits Market

There's no limit to what you can create with the organic produce and pantry staples from Misfits Market.


Made By Nacho

Check out what my cat Nacho has been up to as an entrepurrneur.


Food Network

Food Network has been my family for twenty-five years.


Bobby’s Burgers

We’re taking burgers and fries to a whole new level.


Rock Shrimp Productions

Our docu-series, docu-formats and competition format shows.

Beat Bobby Flay: 100 Battle-Tested Recipes

Cook alongside me and my competitors with recipes from the hit show.


Bobby at Home: Fearless Flavors from My Kitchen

This book is really personal to me. These are the recipes I cook for my friends and family.


Brunch at Bobby’s: 140 Recipes for the Best Part of the Weekend

Easy recipes, bold flavors and (of course) cocktails